Starting a Business in Rabun County

The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center has created a manual and web site that will help you with starting a business in Rabun County. See for more information.

This manual is a publication of The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center. Business consulting, information, and publications are available through the SBDC network offices listed at the end of this publication.

The SBDC program is designed to provide quality business and economic development assistance to businesses and prospective businesses in order to promote growth, expansion, innovation, increased productivity, and improved management. These objectives are accomplished by providing one-on-one consulting and business training programs, assisting clients with exporting and procurement, supporting minority business development, conducting applied economic research, and fostering rural development.

This material is designed as a step-by-step introduction to the issues every new business must face. Our primary goal is to present a “way of thinking” that will help you plan, start, and successfully operate your business. Short cuts are not recommended.

Business consultants are available for individual conferences, but your advanced preparation is required. Please complete the “Business Development Questionnaire” (BDQ) located in the appendix and mail the results to the office most convenient to you. The approach presented in this kit will help you complete the BDQ and evaluate various business decisions.

If you decide to pursue your idea, completion of a detailed business plan will probably be the next step, and the network of SBDC consultants can assist you. The preliminary work covered in this manual will put you well on your way toward an effective business plan.

Download the Manual