Target Industries

The 2011 Janus Economics Community Assessment of Rabun County identified four key target industries for the County. The report chose industries that are 1) a location fit for the economy; 2) growing in surrounding states; and 3) conducive to diversification in the local economy.

Food Processing

  • Rabun Business Park (“RBP”) enjoys industrial utilities: high-capacity process water (2.7 mgpd excess), sewage treatment (2.5 mgpd) and natural gas make RBP ideally suited for water- and sewage-sensitive food production.
  • Rabun Business Park features floor drainage systems and Biochemical Oxygen Demand treatment.

Metal Fabrication

  • RBP has three tenants employing 150 people that are engaged in advanced manufacturing and metal fabrication.
  • Competitive wages: At $29,400, the Rabun County average wage in metal fabrication is competative for employers.

Order Fulfillment and Contact Centers

  • Rabun County’s tri-state location is within two hours of major markets including Atlanta, GA; Asheville, NC; and Greenville, SC.
  • Rabun Business Park is served by two fiber optics providers. Windstream fiber optics systems in Clayton, GA and Rabun Business Park, and a second system from North Georgia Networks to be completed in 2013.


  • Rabun County is a 4-lane corridor for Highway 441/23  from Atlanta, Georgia to Interstate 40 in North Carolina making it a an excellent location for transportation of materials associated with the plastics industry.