Existing Industries

Parkdale Mills is the number one manufacturer of spun yarn in the world operating 25 plants in three different countries. Plant number  24 is located in Rabun Gap, Georgia. www.parkdalemills.com



GAP Partners, Inc. provides precision sheet metal fabrication, machining and mechanical assembly services from customer-supplied drawings, using CNC and other quality production equipment. www.gappartnersinc.com


Rabun Products, Inc. is a manufacturing company located in Tiger, Georgia that specializes in metal stamping, welding, and fabrication. www.rabunmetal.com 


Vulcan materials is the nation’s leading producer of construction aggregates: primarily in crushed stone, sand, and gravel. Their location in Rabun Gap, Georgia produces stone aggregates to www.vulcanmaterials.com

Multitrade Rabun Gap is the owner of a 20MW capacity wood-fueled biomass facility in Rabun Gap, Georgia.  Originally a textile manufacturing plant, the refurbished facility started operating in 2010 and uses native renewable fuel from the local forest industry to sell power to a Georgia co-op under a long-term power purchase agreement. www.leafcleanenergy.com